About bbbcircle

bbbcircle tries to spread friendship not only in North America and Japan but throughout the world. It is a circle of friends who love any of the following: beer, bowling, or books.

Joining bbbcircle

Anyone can join bbbcircle if they are willing to contribute to the group in a meaningful way. We are very interested in meeting skillful people who enjoy similar things we do.

About Teriyaki Girls

This 4 panel comic is made by Ryusui, a Japanese Novelist, and Kai, a Canadian Cartoonist.




She stayed in Canada last year on a home stay program, and now lives in Tokyo, Japan.
She is a university student.


She was Amy's host sister in Canada.
She is now Amy's roommate and works at GEON, an English school.

bbbCircle Members


Ryusui's Profile

Ryusui(SEIRYOIN Ryusui)is a Japanese Novelist, active in mystery and various other fields.
He was born in 1974 in Hyogo prefecture, Japan. He got the 2nd Mephisto prize in 1996 while in Kyoto University, and started to work as a novelist. After that, Ryusui published over 60 novels. His works are always controversial.

Kai's Profile

Kai(Kai Chamberlain) is a Canadian Cartoonist, holding an animation degree from Emily Carr University. He was born in 1980 in British Columbia, Canada.


Tyson's Profile

Tyson (Tyson Villeneuve) is a Canadian programer and musician who has a degree in computer science and a diploma of music. He was born in Alberta, Canada in 1979.


Tanya's Profile

Tanya is the secretary to bbbcircle.

Kayla's Profile

Kayla (Kayla Williams) is a singer / songwriter from Canada. She was born in Alberta, Canada in 1987.
Kayla is currently working on recording a new album.

Takanori's Profile

Takanori (SAKAGUCHI Takanori) is a Japanese business book author, and a professional buyer.
He was born in 1978 in Japan.
After graduating from university, he found work at the buying department in a worldwide corporation.
His books have attracted a lot of attention from not only the professional community but many business persons as well.

Ryui's Profile

Ryui (KIM Suhyun) is a Korean translator living in Seoul.
She was born in 1983 in Seoul, Korea.
Since 2004, Ryui has been translating Japanese popular novels into Korean.

Dr. Sushi's Profile

Dr. Sushi (YONEKAWA Nobuo) was born in 1966 in Japan.
After working as a TV program writer and a gourmet writer, he won the kaiten-zushi championship at the Japanese famous TV program “TV champion” in 2007.
Now he is renowned as the Japanese number-one kaiten-zushi authority.
He knows everything about sushi, so he is called “Dr. Sushi”.

Jeff's Profile

Jeff (Jeff Chamberlain) is a Kai's twin brother.
He is Kai's Kagemusya.

Momo's Profile

Momo is a Shiba-dog.
She is an animal friend to bbbcircle.