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Culture Note

Culture Note

Tuna is one of the most popular fish used in sushi. It is called "maguro" in Japanese. However the English word "tuna" is also used when referring to the fish, especially the canned variety. In Japanese katakana, "tuna" is spelt and pronounced "tsuna". The word "tsuna" also means "thick rope" and is sometimes used as a boy's name. The grand champion of sumo is called "Yokozuna". "Yoko" means horizontal, so yokozuna means "horizontal thick rope". That is what a sumo at the grand champion level wears.


Only 1 week until I get internet! Only 1 more week of internet cafe madness!

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Latest News

New Project!!!
Posted by Ryusui on December 04, 2012
We have launched our new BILINGUAL website!!



Release Information!!
Posted by Takanori on October 17, 2012
Takanori's new business book "The Nobis' Debt ?New Perspective on Money not to Fail at Life" has just published in Japan from Kobunsha-shinsho.

We think we will announce the new project on December 1st!

Special Interview!!
Posted by Ryusui on July 17, 2012
The other day Ryusui was interviewed as one of the most important Japanese mystery writers throughout 2000s.
Hayakawa's Mystery Magazine including this feature article will come out in Japan on July 25th.

By the way, we at bbbcircle are often asked about Teriyaki Girls.
We originally planned to restart Teriyaki Girls from comic


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