Crown Nation - Tyson's website relating to his games, arts, and music.

Kayla Williams - Kayla's website where you can read her blog and listen to her music.

Floating Factory - The website by MORI Hiroshi, a famous Japanese novelist.

Kugayama Museum - The website by TAKASATO Shiina, a famous Japanese novelist.

HAYAKAWA PROPORTION LAB - The website by HAYAKAWA Gisyu, a charismatic body therapist.

G-veggie - The website by Yoshiko Voss, a macrobiotic consultant.

Become the top buyer in the world! - Takanori's blog relating to his thoughts and book reviews.

I love kaiten-zushi! - Dr. Sushi introduces great sushi boat restaurants all around Japan.

Bungeishunju - One of the most prestigious Japanese publishing companies.

Ohta-Shuppan - The Japanese publishing company specializing in street credibility.

STARDUST PICTURES (SDP) - One of the leading movie companies including the publishing department.

Kadokawa-Shoten - The Japanese publishing company specializing in worldwide media mix.

Tokuma-Shoten - A Japanese publishing company.

Kodansha - A Japanese publishing company.

Gentosha - A Japanese publishing company.


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