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Special Interview!!
Posted by Ryusui on December 22, 2011
The special interview with Ryusui regarding the Great Earthquakes (Kobe in 1995 and Tohoku in 2011) and various other things is going to appear in the Sankei Simbun on December 24th (morning edition).
And then, it can be read on the following website of the newspaper company.

Teriyaki Girls Restart!!
Posted by Ryusui on November 05, 2011
As you probably notice it, Teriyaki Girls has finally restarted!
We have been discussing the overall strategy of this work for several months.
In consequence, we have determined a direction and the comic will continue at least until comic 200.
Comic 101-200 will especially feature mystery story.
Thank you all for waiting and please look forward to it!

Incidentally, one more news about a Ryusui's book.
As he mentioned before, his 69th book, the charity book for the disaster victims on March 11th, was supposed to be published in this October.
In fact, although Ryusui finished writing all text in April, the editor in charge could not have collected proper pictures of the disaster stricken area by October.

Unfortunately, it took too much time and the text became completely untimely.
So it is really regrettable that this charity book will no longer be published.
If you expected it, I am so sorry about that.

Meanwhile, Ryusui was interviewed about his memory of the Great Earthquakes (Kobe in 1995 and Tohoku in 2011) by the Sankei Shimbun, one of big four Japanese newspaper companies.
This special interview will be both in the newspaper and on the related Web site in the latter half of November.

Takanori's New Book!!
Posted by Takanori on October 16, 2011
Takanori (SAKAGUCHI Takanori) has released his commemorable 20th book "The True Risk Hedge At The Post Great Earthquake Age" from Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd. in Japan.

The business book has been co-written by Naoya Makino, one of Takanori's associates, and included lots of opinions from the Purchasing Network in Japan.
All royalties of this book will be donated to the support for the victims of the disaster on March 11th.

Dr. Sushi's New Book!!
Posted by Dr. Sushi on September 21, 2011
Dr. Sushi's new book "Business Theory of the Revolving Sushi Bar (Japanese Title: Kaiten-zushi no Keiei-gaku)" has just been released from Toyo Keizai Inc. in Japan.
Dr. Sushi (YONEKAWA Nobuo) , who knows everything about sushi, has thoroughly analyzed the attraction and possibilities of Japanese revolving sushi restaurant business.

Also, he is the executive director of Japanese conveyor-belt sushi society.
For more information, check the following Web sites.

The 15th Anniversary!!
Posted by Ryusui on September 05, 2011
Today, September 5th, is the 15th anniversary of Ryusui's debut as a novelist.
To commemorate it, his 68th book "Everything I Have Learned From Novel For 15 Years (Japanese title: Seiryoin Ryusui No Syosetsu Saho)" will be released on September 23rd from PHP Institute in Japan.

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