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Check the "Projects"!
Posted by Ryusui on October 10, 2010
Tyson has updated my "Projects" section!
You can see the book cover of my new novel "King in the Mirror" and read the introductory text.
The picture of the cover was drawn by Kai!

This book will come out in Japan on October 15th!
Very close!

Release Information!
Posted by Ryusui on September 24, 2010
Ryusui's new novel "King in the Mirror" will be released on October 15th from PHP Institute, a Japanese publishing company.
This book features the life of legendary King of Pop. You will experience Michael Jackson's life through this book. Then, you will learn how to solve the mystery of life and lead a full life.
Further information will be posted next week or so.

Also, the new Theory magazine has been released from Kodansha in Japan.
Ryusui writes articles regarding English learning methods and Kai draws illustrations.

More content coming soon!
Posted by Tyson on September 24, 2010
You may have noticed that bbbcircle hasn't had many updates lately. We are very sorry about that, we have had to do more work-related projects to pay the bills lately. The good news is we are back on track and we have a lot of things coming along. We will be re-launching Teriyaki Girls on Oct 1 which will mark the re-start of regular updates as well as a stream of new member content! So, please check back soon and check back often.

With your support, we hope to be able to continue to work on Teriyaki Girls as well as some new projects will will announce in the coming weeks. We would like to make a HUGE thank-you to everyone who has donated to us to allow us to keep going. One day we hope to quit our day jobs so we can deliver even more content!

Big News!!
Posted by Ryusui on September 10, 2010
Ryusui's new novel will be published at the middle of October ahead of schedule!
This book has a really special meaning for not only Ryusui himself but also bbbcircle!
Every detail will be announced on September 25th!
Please look forward to it and don't miss it!

About New Book!
Posted by Ryusui on July 26, 2010
The new Theory magazine was released from Kodansha in Japan on July 24th!
I write a factual article regarding English learning method and Kai draw an illustration in the article.

As I announced on World Investors TV the other day, my new book is going to be published on November or December.
I will post further information in the near future.
In addition, we are preparing for some big projects relating to bbbcircle and Teriyaki Girls!
Please look forward to it and don't miss it!

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