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LIVE on Web TV!
Posted by Ryusui on June 28, 2010
Ryusui is going to appear in a LIVE program on the World Investors TV focusing on the world economy and investment strategies.
The point of his talk is about an English learning method for Japanese business people.

This program will be broadcasted from 17:50 to 18:20 on Friday, July 16th(Japan time).
Also you can watch the rebroadcasted program for free within only a week from 16th.

The latest information!
Posted by Ryusui on May 22, 2010
The new Theory magazine will be released from Kodansha in Japan on May 25th!
I write a factual article regarding English learning method and Kai draw an illustration in the article.

By the way, I have been advancing several projects including bbbcircle and Teriyaki Girls since last year.
But I think I would need much more time until they see the light of day.
At least two new novels I'm now writing would be published next year, 2011, as Ryusui 15th anniversary works.

The 1st Anniversary!
Posted by Ryusui on May 01, 2010

We launched bbbcircle on May 1st, 2009.
Today is the first anniversary!

Thanks to your patronage, we have been able to develop our community little by little.
We would like to thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Now we are preparing for adding a variety of new members and web contents.
Please wait for a while and look forward to it!

We love you all!

from all members of bbbcircle

TV appearance!
Posted by Takanori on April 07, 2010
Hello everyone. I'm Takanori.
As a professional buyer, I'm going to appear in a Japanese prime-time TV show "Gacchiri Academy" on April 16th.

Further Information!
Posted by Ryusui on March 24, 2010
Tyson has updated my "Projects" section.
Check it right now!

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