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Welcome to the New Site
Posted by Tyson on January 13, 2010
At long last the updates are finally done. I apologize for them taking longer than we originally announced. I ended up getting caught up in adding features and running into problems. Here is a summary of all that was changed:

1) Ads. Its unfortunate, but they are a necessity for us. We hope to be able to spend more of our time creating content for this site and our other projects, but we also need money to be able to survive. I hope everyone can understand that and tolerate them. We will be trying a few different things with the ads, so please give us feedback if you have any ideas. Also, you can sure help us out if you click on an ad once in a while!

2) News. Members now have the ability to post news that isn't associated with the comic. This means you'll hear from all of our members and updates will happen more often. There is also a menu item for archived news. You still have Kai's comments for the comic and the Culture notes, which are now located under the comic.

3) Poll. We now have a poll!! Depending on how many votes we get, we may create a new poll every week or every two weeks. We'll try a few different things with that. The poll accepts one vote per poll from each unique IP address. This may mean you won't be able to vote at a public computer behind an institutional firewall.

4) Donate. As mentioned earlier, we are trying to move towards working on our content full time. You can help us and this community greatly by donating. We'll think of a way to thank our donors sometime in the near future!

5) Content. We have new content in the About, Projects, and Links areas, check it out!

I think thats it for now! Email us and let us know what you think of the updates and if you have any ideas for future updates. We have a lot in store for this year and we are very excited to share it with you. Please check back often!

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